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Kuleshova Galina Petrovna, Doctor of sociological sciences, director of Kazan Institute (branch) of Russian State University of Justice under the Ministry of Justice of Russia (12a F. Amirkhana street, Kazan, Russia),

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Background. Terrorism and extremism are the threat of today. They endanger the foundations of the state and society and the basic rights and freedoms of the individual. Rampant as they are, these negative social phenomena put the problem of optimizing the struggle against them on the agenda. It is necessary to elaborate a strategy that woul clearly defineits object, i.e. what terrorism and extremism are and the extent to which the existing legislation reflects these phenomena. In this regard, the purpose of this article is to analyze terrorism and extremism as negative social phenomena and their correlation to the way they are defined in the legislation.
Materials and methods. The research goal has been achieved through analyzing the relevant legislation, and also views expressed in numerous conversations and discussions associated with the determination of the strategy against terrorism and extremism. At the same time, the author used the formal legal method that analyses the structure of rules and their mapping, as well as widely used historical and formal logical methods.
Conclusions. An effective strategy of struggle against terrorism and extremism presupposes a necessity to clarify a number of key concepts. This will allow to define the object and purpose of such a strategy.

Key words

terrorism, extremism, terror, ideology, method of violence and threats

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